TC Series Meat Mincers

TC Series Meat Mincers

The Model TC range of meat mincers are the TC12, TC22 and the TC32. The type of meat being minced can be changed very quickly as only a very small quantity of meat remains in the cutting group. The TC range is equally at home in small butcher shops and the largest commercial kitchen.

  • Steel construction to resist corrosion.
  • The cutting group and barrel are cast from a stainless steel and carbon composite for durability and hygiene.
  • All components radiused and reamed.
  • Reduction gears running in oil bath.
  • Includes sausage feeding funnel.
  • Model TC32 is also available in 3 phase.
TS Series Meat Mincers

TS Series Meat Mincers

Made in Italy

The Model TS range of meat mincers – the TS8, TS12, TS22 and the larger capacity TS32 – offer efficient and noiseless mincing thanks to extensive research and design of the cutting group.

Pedestal Mincer

Pedestal Mincer

Compact, hygenically designed commercial heavy duty mincing machine capable of providing a cool, efficient mincing action without squashing or pulping the product. The compact pedestal mincer uses only 700mm x 800mm of floor area (excluding barrel and other accessories). Various options allow this machine the flexibility to adapt to a variety of applications.

  • Stainless steel construction throughout.
  • All components radiused and reamed.
  • Rugged geared transmission.
  • Stainless steel barrel and feedscrew available on request.
  • Pneumatic food control available.

Please contact a Brice representative for further information on this product.


Triple “S” Mincer

Intelligent design, and decades of experience are combined with a quality finish to produce the Hall Food Equipment Triple “S” Mincer. The Triple “S” Mincer will reward you by mincing meat and a variety of other products quickly, consistently and efficiently without the need for preservatives to make the product look and remain appealing.

The Triple “S” Mincer is a no compromise machine that comes standard with Stainless Steel Barrel, Stainless Steel Worm and Stainless Steel Lock Ring. The hopper / tub has a high quality polished stainless steel finish to ensure that mince will not stick to the machine. The surface is easy to clean and hygienic.

The Triple “S” Mincer is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of different applications, including mincing all meat types, cheese, fruits & vegetables or nuts.

Hall Triple “S” Mincer-Mixer complies with FSANZ, HACCP standards and is AS/NZS & AQIS certified.

The Electro Polished Barrel, Worm & Lock Ring of the Triple ”S” Mincer ensures an efficient clean cut without bruising the meat.

The Highly Polished Interior hopper of the Triple “S” Mincer stops mince sticking to the machine resulting in less wasted product, an easier quicker clean and better hygiene. The bottom line is more profit to the operator from higher yield, reduced time to clean and a visually appealing & longer shelf life product especially mince. These features are sure to please every quality efficiency conscious operator and more importantly their customers, happy customers.

Hall Triple “S” Mincer gets it power from a High Efficiency Motor direct coupled to a Quality Reduction Gear Box which ensures economical, efficient and quiet operation for many years.

Hall Triple “S” Mincer does not compromise on Quality & Safety. Stainless Steel Grill type Guard & Specially designed Mincer Dolly are designed to prevents operators hand to reach worm and ensures Safe and Easy operation. Further it is much easier to keep the Grill type guard clean.

Easy clean = better hygiene

Hall Food machinery is very Reliable & Durable and runs trouble free for many years. All Consumable Parts & Spares of our machines are Reasonably Priced & Readily Available. This minimises the cost of machine maintenance & down time.

Compare our Quality, Customer Service, Spare Parts Availability & their prices with other machines and you would realise the benefit of choosing the TRUSTED HALL FOOD EQUIPMENTS.


  • Stainless Steel Body Stainless Steel Worm
  • Stainless Steel Lock Ring
  • Stainless Steel Exterior Skirt
  • Stainless Steel Legs
  • Stainless Steel Drive Shaft
  • Flawlessly Smooth, Polished Stainless Steel Tray
  • Built in Motor Overload Protection
  • High Efficiency Motor direct coupled to Reduction Gear Box to ensure smooth powerful mincing
  • Simple & Quick operation
  • Compact design requires minimum area of floor space, fits through standard door
  • Supplied with Rust Proof adjustable Feet
  • Supplied with complete Cutting Package including 3 Plates, 2 Blades, 1 Knife & Worm Puller
  • Easy Feed & Clean Stainless Steel Safety Guard
  • Reduces labour costs
  • Easy to clean
  • Supplied with a cleaning Brush
  • Genuine full Single Cut 42 size Cutting head System with 42 size Worm & 42 size plate to give best cool cut and high efficiency, not like some other machines with 32 worm inside but with 42 head visible in front
  • Big 42 Size worm can intake more meat with each turn hence less bruising, minimal rise in temperature of the meat, higher productivity & longer shelf life of the mince
  • Electro polished Body, Worm & Lock Ring
  • Electrical parts are enclosed in an IP 65 standard watertight box for safety
  • 3.25 meter heavy duty power lead

Please contact a Brice representative for further information on this product.