Forklift Scales

Forklift Truck Scale - FLSC05

Forklift Truck Scale – FLSC05

The Avery Weigh-Tronix FLSC Forklift Scale System includes a durable, front-mounted scale carriage with accurate Weigh BarĀ® electronic weight sensors and a choice of two in-cab instruments. The system allows operators to easily and quickly capture weight data en route, without extra steps. The FLSC scale carriage features a completely open center area allowing the forklift operator a clear view of the fork tips.


The durability of the FLSC Scale Carriage is immediately apparent. The scale’s patented design features two metal plates. The plates are coupled together by application-designed Avery Weigh-Tronix Weigh Bar weight sensors. This design has no flexures or springs that can affect weighing while the mast is tilted.

The Weigh Bars electronically measure the load on the forks and convey this information to embedded summing and angle detection electronics. Compiled digital information is then passed on to the in-cab indicator via a cable or optional wireless connection.

The entire carriage assembly is primed and finished with a high grade powder paint.